Sensory Education: Resources for educators and the general public

A better understanding of one’s own sensing in relations to those of past, present and future users of the city can benefit educators, policy makers, curators and citizens alike. Hence, the first section offers methods to become more aware of one’s own senses and to reflect on them in connection to those of others through sensory walks. The second part contains themes and questions to frame the reflection in an educational context from an interdisciplinary perspective. They can be adapted for secondary and tertiary education in subjects such as history, sociology, politics, geography and architecture as well as in museum education.

If you are a member of the public – you can use the suggestions for ‘exercises’ and the questions to make your own sensory walk.

Sensory Walks:

How do you experience a city as a long term resident, a newcomer or a visitor? And how does your sensory experiences differ ...

Themes/Questions for Exploration:
This sections focus on themes and questions that can help to think about the senses in relation to self, society ...